Cast Iron Melting Induction Furnace 1.5ton

Cast Iron Melting Induction Furnace 1.5ton

1.Production Name: Cast Iron Melting Induction Furnace 1.5ton
2.Production Description:
Furnace Model                                                                                                                                  GW-1.5T-800KW/0.75S
Rated Capacity T 1.5
Max. Capacity T 1.9
Rated Power KW 800
MF Frequency KHZ 0.75
Power Input Voltage V 660
MF Output Voltage V 1200
Pulse  6/12
Melting Rate T/H 2
Melting Time Minutes/batch 60
Electricity Consumption KWH/T 580
Transformer Capacity Required KVA 1000
Water Cooling Consumption T/H 35
3.Usage: Cast Iron Melting Induction Furnace, mainly used in melting iron, steel, stainless steel, and alloy, is with high melting efficiency, good electricity saving effect, good metal component uniformity, less burning loss, speedy temperature rise, easy control of temperature, is suitable to all kinds of metal melting.
4.Characters and Advantages:
1) Constant power output, speedy melting, good electricity saving efficiency.
2) Zero-voltage sweep-frequency style start, adapts to requirement of frequently start.
3) Comprehensive protection functions, such as overcurrency protection, overvoltage protection, current-limiting protection, voltage-limiting, water-break protection, and default protection, equipment runs reliably under premise of melting speed guarantee.
4) Easy to operate, suitable for all casting process.
5) Steel Structure Shell,longer duration
6)Min. Order: 1 set
7) Delivery Time:60-80 days

Product Origin: CHINA
Model Number: GW-1.5T-800KW/1S
Brand Name: HUAXIN

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